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  • Appellate
  • Commercial
  • Employment & Industrial
  • Insurance
  • Land Law & Property
  • Mediation
  • Personal Injury
  • Succession
  • Queensland Bar – 16 December 1986
  • New South Wales Bar – 1987
  • Elected member and director of the Bar Association of Queensland (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)
  • Member of the Griffith University Law School Visiting Committee (2021, 2022, 2023)
  • Director of the Mediator Standards Board (2023)
  • Director of the Law Council of Australia for the Bar Association of Queensland (2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Court Appointed Case Appraiser
  • Registered Arbitrator - The Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators
  • Court Appointed Mediator
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator
  • Dispute Resolution Queensland – Bar Association
  • Masters of Laws – Queensland Institute of Technology (2002)
  • Bachelor of Laws – Queensland Institute of Technology (1986)

Since his call to the Bar in 1986, Keith Howe has practised at the Private Bar and developed a broad practice which includes work in Brisbane and regional areas, including the Gold Coast, Far North Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Keith appears as an advocate at both trial and appellate level in matters involving many aspects of commercial, insurance, property and common law generally. His practice includes a wide range of advisory work.

From early in his career, Keith has appeared for many local authorities in a broad range of areas from contractual disputes, public liability matters, insurance and re-insurance matters and litigation concerning Council’s approval process and subsidence claims. Keith also practises in the areas of workplace law.

Keith has extensive mediation experience both as a mediator and as counsel, including mediating insurance and commercial law disputes, estate matters, TPD claims and financial advice disputes.

Over the years, Keith has appeared in a number of inquests including the Whiskey A Go Go fire inquest (ongoing) for the family members of a former Queensland Commissioner of Police.

Australian Lawyers Alliance

  • Presentation with Professor Melinda Edwards: “The Wicked Dimensions of Ethical Conversations” – 7 February 2020
  • Presentation: “It’s a Jungle Out There! Conflict Resolution in the Workplace” – 16 February 2019
  • Presentation: "Current and recent Life Insurance Industry Enquiries Review" – 4 October 2017

Australian Insurance Law Association

  • Presentation: “When Race Day Ends in a Bad Way: Dangerous Recreational Risks in Racing” – 5 November 2020
  • Presentation: “Animals, Children & Friends from a Public Liability Perspective” – 19 July 2017
  • Presentation: “Banana Skins, Gum Nuts and Bat Poo!” – 1 December 2016


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  • Property Law “Being Ready, Willing and Able and more on Foran v Wight”, Issue 17 May 2007
  • “Differing Styles and Models for the Conduct of Mediations”, Issue 20 September 2007.

High Court

  • Green v Dare & Ors [2004] HCA Transcript 236 (trustee in bankruptcy)
  • Hanson v DPP [2003] HCA Trans 377-23; [2003] QCA 409 (bail pending special leave to appeal to the High Court)
  • Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd v Hall B61/2000, 27 June 2001 (special leave application in a defamation case)

Court of Appeal

  • RACQ Insurance Ltd v Foster [2019] 2 Qd R 475 (whether damages were to be assessed under the Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) or general law)
  • Singh v Hill & Anor [2019] QCA 227 (entitlement to bring proceedings after expiration of limitation period)
  • Farnham v Pruden [2016] QCA 018; [2015] QDC 141 (whether damages were to be assessed under the Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) or general law. Whether regard ought be had to the second reading speech of the Criminal Code and Civil Liability Amendment Bill 2007 (Qld) and the explanatory notes)
  • Thomas v Trades & Labour Hire Pty Ltd (in liq) [2016] QCA 332 (manufacturing defect, causation and application of March v Stramere test)
  • Chandler v Silwood [2016] QCA 273 (slip/fall and issues regarding expert evidence as to level of intoxication and use of friction test on steps)
  • First Mortgage Investments Pty Ltd (FMI) v Pittman [2014] NSWCA 110; First Mortgage Investments Pty Ltd v Pittman No. 2 [2014] NSWCA (enforcement of mortgages and whether agreement unjust within the meaning of the Contracts Review Act 1980 (NSW))
  • Cleret v Rago [2014] QCA 158 (constructive trusts)
  • Reitano v Shearer & Anor [2014] QCA 336 (challenge on future economic loss, loss of opportunity/chance to pursue a number of different careers. Effect and impact of social media material on assessment of damages)
  • Dank v Tabcorp [2011] QCA 253 (personal injuries – liability and quantum)
  • Module 2 Pty Ltd v Brisbane City Council [2006] QCA 226 (validity of notice of resumption)
  • Beattie v Jamieson [2006] QCA 319 (leave to appeal – defamation proceedings; issue of whether defence of qualified privilege applies)
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Supreme Court

  • Aronis v Aronis [2022] QSC 039 (estoppel)
  • Allen v O’Donnell & Anor [2021] QSC 63 (brain impairment assessment of damages)
  • Smith v Randall & Anor [2016] QSC 191 (a leading/following driver collision, issues concerning apportionment of liability and application of Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) - 9(1), s.9(2), s.23, s.23(2) and s.47 and the Transport Operations (Road Users Management) Act 1995 (Qld) – s.80, s.80(16F), s.80(16FA)
  • Chandler v Silwood [2016] QSC 90 (slip/fall and issues regarding expert evidence as to level of intoxication and use of friction test on steps)
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  • Reitano v Shearer & Anor [2014] QCA 336 (challenge on future economic loss, loss of opportunity/chance to pursue a number of different careers. Effect and impact of social media material on assessment of damages)
  • Australian Timber & Trusses Pty Ltd v T&M Buckley Pty Ltd [2012] QSC 110 (enforcement of guarantees whether a party preparing plans was carrying out unlicensed building working within the meaning of the Qld Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (Qld) (prev. Qld Building Services Act 1991))
  • GEJ & MA Geldard Pty Ltd v Mobbs & Ors [2010] QSC 220 (Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) causation; issues as to who were concurrent wrongdoers; what was the level and degree of apportionment; the effect of any settlement and whether it ought be taken into account under the Act)
  • Braxco v Pialba Commercial Garden Pty Ltd [2010] QSC 259 (termination of lease – construction of the Fire and Rescue Act 1991 (Qld))
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  • Etemovic v Gold Coast City Council [2009] QSC 185 (personal injuries plaintiff struck by jet ski under control of life guard)
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